Circus Performer Portraits in Dulwich Park

Shortly after stepping off the plane at Gatwick this March, I found myself standing on the train platform next to a woman with a curious and oversized box next to her. I was so incredibly curious but couldn't bring myself to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. We'd just survived the red eye and I'm pretty sure my hair was sticking up in weird places from where my sleeping mask kinked it. 
I resigned myself to just staying curious when a train flew by and knocked the box onto me. Ok. There's my cue. I struck up a conversation and by the time my train rolled around I was telling her I'd find her on social media to continue the conversation. 
Arielle Lauzon is an incredibly talented circus performer from Quebec. The two of us made plans to meet up on Easter weekend and do some shooting in a park close to where we were both staying. It had been an incredibly rainy few days, but the rain cleared up for our shoot and we adventured and explored Dulwich Park together. Our conversation flowed like we'd known each other for years, and she showed me some of her talents. 

I love chance encounters and meeting kindred spirits while traveling. It's probably the very best part of every trip.