Dress Shopping at Loversland | d + D are getting married

debra has been my closest friend, confidant, muse, & cheerleader since the moment she poked me in grade 9. Yep. You heard that right. She poked me. and not in the facebook way, that didn't exist a million years ago. Nope. She poked me in the belly while I was having a mini teenage meltdown. She laughed and said I had a pokable belly. I think my best response was "uhmmm". What I was thinking was "what a wonderful weirdo". We spent grade 9 dancing to David Bowie records in her sun room, and taking very moody portraits of each other. ___ years later, not much has changed. Except that now... my beautiful and wonderful weirdo is getting married to one of the greatest guys I've ever met and I get to stand by her side and burst at the seams with happiness for her.
Last week we had our first super girly wedding prep day and made our way over to Loversland to shop for dresses. (Can I just put this out into the world... LOVERSLAND WINS MY HEART FOR BEING AWESOME! Gorgeous romantic dresses, with excellent service. I would definitely recommend them. We were treated so well there)

ps. i promise i'm not spoiling any surprises. None of these are the dress. Though she looked magical in each and every one of them. I may have cried a little.