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Custom USB drives for photographers

I recently posted an instagram story with a little snippet of my final wedding package and it caught the attention of some fellow photographers. (spoiler alert, I will be doing a full post on the whole package very soon!) I received a number of messages about a few things, but one of them was my custom USBs so I thought I would delve into it a little bit for all you photographers out there.

All of my current wedding packages come with a final care package which includes a USB with all of my client's final images on it. I like knowing that even if they've downloaded them from their gallery, I've handed them something physical and given them their first backup of their wedding photos.
When I first started out this was a part that stumped me. I didn't love the idea of handing over a generic USB, but the branded USBs I found looked a little cheap. After much scouring of the internet I found USB Memory Direct. They offer a wide variety of custom USBs, including two wooden options. These fit my brand perfectly.

These wooden drives feature my logo on the front and two magnets in the cap so it snaps back into place easily and stays nice and secure. Each USB stick is slightly different, as they are using natural materials. Personally, I love that each one has it's own character. 

To top all of this off the customer service was excellent. They were incredibly patient with making sure my logo was perfectly placed and helped get me the best deal. If you're on the hunt for where to get your next set of USBs, definitely reach out to USB Memory Direct.