Frequently Asked Questions

Can you describe your style, pretty please?

First and foremost I am a documentary photographer for the wild at heart and the madly in love. No two love stories are the same, and your images should show that. Weddings are so very full of tiny moments that are jam packed with emotion: I call these the big heart, little moments. I want to capture all of them so you can relive your wedding day as if you were there again. I want to be your eyes for the day so you can focus on being present and enjoying yourself. I try to stay as unobtrusive as possible, so I can document the day as it naturally unfolds. 

How long have you been shooting weddings?

I'm a classically trained photographer who spent WAY too much time in the darkroom throughout high school and University. I shot my very first wedding in 2010 for a friend, but didn't dive in as Frances Beatty Photography until 2014. I've been a full time photographer since September 2015 and have shot over a hundred weddings.

What makes you different from other photographers?

I'm here because I love people and I believe your experience is the most important thing. I want you to feel like you're spending time with a friend, rather than someone you hired; I want to get to know you. I will do whatever it takes to help make your day run more smoothly and ensure you are having a good time. Whether it be stealing you away from a stressful moment, getting you a glass of water when you need it, pinning your boutonniere (because let's be real, they're not as easy as they look),  telling you silly dad jokes, or giving you a hug (I have been told my superhero power is hugging. Just FYI).

Why do you shoot by event rather than by the hour?

Two big reasons: 
1. I want to tell your full story, not just a part of your day.
2. It takes some of the stress out of the day. Inevitably a wedding day runs over schedule and you sometimes end up having to choose between not having important moments like your father/daughter dance photographed or paying for extra hours which you may not have budgeted for. I don't want you to have to choose and I don't want you watching the clock and worrying. 

Do you shoot with a second shooter?

A second shooter is always an option,  but it doesn't come with all my packages. For intimate weddings or elopements, it may not be necessary (but of course you can still have one, if you want). Having a second shooter is great for when you're getting ready, so we can cover both of you getting ready, rather than just one of you. It also allows for extra and unique angles during the day, and lots of other great reasons! Plus, my second shooter is usually my husband, Joel, and I love working with him. So there's that too. 

Can we give you a shot list or a pinterest board?

I think Pinterest is a great tool for collecting ideas, but when it comes to your wedding, it's YOUR wedding and we should be working on documenting the uniqueness of it. I find that having a shot list can actually detract from getting images that are authentic to your day. I'd love to know what you're most excited about and what's important to you. I'll spend your day on the hunt for those big heart, little moments that are special to you and your family. 

What type of gear do you use?

I am a canon shooter. I have backup gear, and generally shoot with two cameras on me. My typical wedding kit includes:
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 6D
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.2
135mm 2.0
24-70 II 2.8
Profoto a1
Speedlite 600 EX
Magmod grids
Holdfast money maker holster
Lots of extra batteries and cards. 

Sometimes I carry the Fuji XT2 on me too. I have a whole whack of film gear that I love to pull and experiment with too. If you're into cameras and want to geek out about lenses and settings, let me know. I'm always happy to geek out with fellow nerds. 

What about insurance?

I have it. :) Some venues do require proof of insurance from your photographer, let me know if that's the case and I'll be happy to provide it once we're booked. 

Where do you live?

In a house with my husband. ;)
I am based out of a super small town in Grey Highlands, close to Blue Mountain or Collingwood, but I shoot just about everywhere. (see below)

Do you travel?

Oh! Heck yes! I've got a crazy long bucket list you can check out here. I always post my upcoming travel dates here, so if I'm heading close to you, shoot me a message and let's collaborate! I create custom packages for each destination for my clients. Special consideration will be made for locations on my bucket list, or anywhere with rock climbing or close to the ocean. 

Let's talk images: How many can we expect? When will we see them and where? 

As each wedding is different, I don't put a set number on what you receive. Don't worry, I'm not going to cut spectacular images of your family and friends just to hit a number. Generally you can expect between 500-750 for a full day wedding. The ones that don't make it are duplicates, a test shot, unflattering or I was falling over while taking a picture. It happens sometimes. 
I always send a handful of images a few days after the wedding to get you started. Your final images will be ready within 8-10 weeks in your online gallery. You can download them directly from this site, share it with friends & family if you choose, and/or order prints. 

How about editing: Will we get our images in black & white and colour?

I believe editing is an integral part of the creative process. I carefully curate and edit every image before it is sent in the final gallery.. I absolutely love black & white images, I feel it usually conveys emotion in a more striking way than colour. It can simplify a distracting background, single out a beautiful moment or fix some hard lighting conditions. A gallery will always include black & white images, but the majority will be in colour. I don't include duplicate images in colour as well as black & white, if I feel the photo is more powerful in black & white or vice versa

Can we see all of our images?

After each wedding, part of the process is to narrow down the images to the very best. Some examples of images that might be cut: people are blinking, light tests, duplicates, the odd blurry image or unflattering images. I want to make sure you have the very best, but I also don't want to cut out images of your family and friends. Trust me, I never withhold useable and beautiful images. 

What the heck is a first look and why do I want one?

aw yah! The first look! I'm a big fan! A first look is an opportunity for you and your partner to see each other before the ceremony begins, so you get to share some private time. It allows for you to share in a moment together without all eyes on you. It's fantastic for anyone who doesn't love being the centre of attention, or just to give you two more time to be alone together on your wedding day. (You'd be surprised how little that happens) If you go for it, once you've had your time together, we can then take your wedding party photos and family photos, so you can jump right into celebrating with your family and friends after you say I do. (though I do recommend stealing away for 10-15min right after the ceremony for a few photos and some cuddles with your new spouse)

Is a couples session just for engaged couples? Why should we do a couples session?

Nope! Couples sessions are for anyone who wants to document this time in their lives with their partner. 
I freaking love couples sessions! 
It's a fabulous way for us to get to know each other better, and to get rid of those nerves about being in front of the camera. You can just shake those right off. You'll realize I don't bite. 
It's also just a great way to document and showcase who you two are. I would love to photograph you in a place that you love, doing something you would normally do together. I want to document these moments so I can save them for future you (and maybe future little yous?). 
Plus, if you're in the midst of planning a wedding, chances are you're not taking time for dates like you used to. Let's give you one of those. We'll go on an adventure together; you guys have fun, I'll document it. 

We love what we see, what next?

Wahoo! Let's chat! Fill out my contact form and tell me more about you two! I love getting to know people to make sure we're a good fit, so have some fun with it. 

How do we book you?

Once we've had a chat and you're excited that I'm the one, shoot me an email and let me know which package you would like. I'll have myself a happy dance and then send you over a quote. Check that the quote includes all of the things you're interested in, then fill out a quick form with all of your information, from there your contract will be ready for review and signature. 
In order to book me for your date I just need a signed contract and a retainer. For weddings the retainer is 40%, for portraits it's 50%. You can pay your retainer by EMT or cheque. 

Do we have to be getting married to hire you?

Nope! I shoot lots of sessions that aren't weddings every year. I approach all of my sessions in a similar way, whether it be family, newborn, boudoir or portraits. I want to get to know you and collaborate with you. 

What's your favourite song to bust a move to?

Obviously anything by the Backstreet Boys. But right now Makeba by Jain has me dancing for days and days and days and days. 


If you want to know more about me as a person, head on over to my About section, or connect with me here. xox.