I'm a big believer in community over competition. I don't believe in having a secret recipe I'll take to my grave on how to run a business or take photos a certain way or make my super special salad dressing. I'm happy to help wherever I can, and love being able to teach anything and everything I've learned. 

Despite being a formally trained photographer, with a BFA in photography, I still feel that my most valuable education has been through fellow photographers in a one-on-one setting. My formal education taught me many things, but being able to pick the brains of my peers and have an education that's catered to your own needs and pace has helped me grow so much faster in my field. 

My philosophy towards mentoring is the same as my philosophy towards photography: Every person is unique and needs a unique product to match their needs. So, each mentoring session will be custom designed for what you feel you most need to work on. We'll have a conversation ahead of time to get a sense of what you're looking for. Keep in mind, you can ask me anything. 

You can choose to have your mentoring session in person at my super awesome and quirky home office, or through google video chat. Most lessons can easily be taught through the internets, unless you choose to do a live shoot+review. Those might be a wee bit awkward from afar, but I'll try (almost) anything once. 



Examples of topics we can discuss:
-the importance of client relations
-how to attract your ideal client
-building connections/trust
-social media
-backing up your files
-finding inspiration


I usually recommend a 2 hour minimum, but hey... you're an adult, you can make your own decisions.

Live Shoot + Review


-1 hour live shoot
-post processing workflow
-image review

We'll do a live shoot together where you'll have a chance to photograph a couple or do a portrait session.  (By live shoot together, I really do mean you'll be shooting too, not just watching me shoot. That's weird)

We'll critique your shooting style to see if there are any ways to improve the client experience, or adjust your poses to get the most flattering poses.  I promise to be gentle.

Afterwards we'll go through your post processing workflow to see if we can make some tweaks and adjustments to help you get faster and do an image review. 

Don't worry, I'm not here to tear you down. Constructive criticism only so we can all get better. 

You won't just leave with some new techniques, and some constructive criticism, but with some new content for your website. 

Website Review


-review for image consistency
-constructive criticism on all your work on the site
-blog review
-spelling & grammatical errors
-missing content
-overall brand consistency

Different from just a portfolio review, we'll also focus on how your website presents itself to your
potential client. 

I will go through all of your content and send you a detailed pdf with suggestions on how to fix any problems. We will also discuss this in person or through google hangouts if you'd prefer. 

*Just as with any Ontario business, all prices are subject to applicable taxes. So that means 13% hst. 

These sessions aren't designed as Camera 101. So a working knowledge of your camera is important. 

All of my sessions come with one follow-up a month later to see how things are going. <3

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