Let's Travel Together


I'm not sure my travel bug is ever going to be satiated. Travelling remains one of my biggest inspirations and ways I refuel. 

I view new places with the excitement of someone seeing and experiencing it for the first time because, well, I am. (Think Brad Pitt eating peanut butter for the first time in that movie we all forgot about, Meet Joe Black) Whether I'm offering a new perspective of a place you know well, or sharing the exploration of a new place with you, having a fresh set of eyes for your elopement or wedding can be a great reminder of how special your surroundings are.

I would love to come with you or meet you some place amazing to document your story. There are very few places in this world I don't want to go. So....
Let's travel together!

Travel Dates

February 15 - March 11 - Thailand
April 2 - 17 - United Kingdom
April 17 - 20 - Berlin
April 20 - 26 - United Kingdom
June 30 - July 10 - Alberta