Hi! I'm Frances and I am the girl behind the camera. Well, usually. Except in the photo above, but that's a pretty good depiction of me when I'm not shooting. I probably have my arms wrapped around my brand new husband (WAHOO!), Joel. We're big cuddlers. If that were a profession, it would be my second choice. 

If you're about to send me a note to request more information, you're about to be asked a few questions. I feel like it's only fair I answer a few of them myself. 

3 things you should know about me: 
1. I am a big massive softie, and wear my heart on my sleeve both literally and figuratively. (my left arm has an itty bitty heart tattoo on it) 
2. I love being outdoors, exploring new spaces by foot or canoe. We usually have at least one Algonquin trip a year and like to make our trips a bit on the hard side. I love pushing my fears and comfort levels at least a little bit every year. I'm afraid of heights, but I'm getting better with them the more I rock climb and hike. 
3. Our first date was a Kevin Costner marathon and we relive that every year on Kevin Costner day (November 28th) by settling in to another marathon of his movies. The first one was almost 12 hours long and included Waterworld, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Yes, we have driven to the actual Field of Dreams. Yes, we sing Everything I Do to each other. and Yes, you will now think about me every time someone mentions Kevin Costner. You're welcome.

If I were to make a mixtape for Joel what would definitely make the cut?
Oh boy. There are so many! First one that comes to mind is Blue by The Jayhawks, but also any Backstreet Boys song, or Harvest Moon by Neil Young, or That Boy is Mine by Brandi & Monica. We may have a thing for 90's music. 


More about this girl:

Raised in a century farmhouse near the Kawarthas, lived and studied in Toronto and New York City, now settled in the rustic countryside south of Georgian Bay. I live with a cliff in my backyard and a river just across the street. Basically, it's a little slice of heaven. 
I do know how to drive a tractor.
I love to forage for delicious things like leeks, morels and wild apples. 
I have crazy wanderlust and lovelovelove spontaneous road trips with anyone who will sing 90's songs with me.
If I am near a body of water, I want to be in it
My handsome husband (!) and I go on long canoe trips in Algonquin every year, looking for trout and quiet starlit skies. I cry every time I catch a fish though. I'm working on that. 
I will drop everything to chase light in the golden hour or frolic in the fog. 


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