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Grey County Waterfall Engagement Session | Meg & Scott

I feel like I have been dreaming about this Grey County waterfall engagement session since I moved up here. So here's the thing... I cannot be near any body of water, especially one that moves, without desperately wanting to be in it. It's a problem. Most of the time I can keep that desire at bay, but when there's waterfalls... I mean... c'mon! So naturally when I shoot couples near any body of water I tell them that they're totally welcome to jump in if they want. One day I knew this would work. I wasn't wrong. When planning this session with Meg & Scott, they were completely open to suggestions for locations, but it had to be near water. (People after my own heart) When the idea of waterfalls came up, I jumped at the chance to scout every single waterfall in the area I could get to, and sent over a super long list of options with descriptions about the waterfall, the hike in, etc. Now you know my secret, I'm a nerd & I may have been a tad excited. 
Meg & Scott are adventurous and playful and they kept creeping closer and closer to the water. Scott had this twinkle in his eyes, so I casually mentioned that if they wanted to jump in, they were welcome to, I even had towels in my car just in case. They took a quick second to exchange glances and then they totally went for it. 
It was basically the perfect Sunday. The weather was spectacular, there were belly laughs had by all and we all ended up in the water at some point. Swoon! We started and finished at Joel's winery, Coffin Ridge, drank cider, ate cheese and olives on the patio overlooking Georgian Bay and played in waterfalls. 
More Sundays like this, please. 

Thank you so much for being so brave and adventurous with us, Meg & Scott. Watch out, we may try to get you rock climbing next, Scott. ;) 
Thank you to my second shooter and partner, Joel for being my second set of eyes, a great wine tour guide and our poison ivy spotter.

Perseid meteor shower in the Beaver Valley

Little known fact: I spent my summers in Nova Scotia from the age of 6 to 21. I miss it terribly. 
Our little place is right on the ocean with very little houses in our community and the closest town being about twenty minutes away. So there is next to no light pollution to keep you from seeing the stars. It's magical. Every year for the perseid shower if the sky was clear (and sometimes if it was just kinda clear) I would lay on the beach and catch as many shooting stars as I could with whoever was patient enough to join me. Lucky for me, my sisters think the sky is just as magical as I do so I usually had good company. 

This year, with the new moon the perseids are supposed to be epic. Joel and I set out last night to catch as many to keep in our pockets. I stopped counting at about 42. 
I'm definitely new to this whole night sky photography thing, but I may have found a new obsession. Set up shop in a beautiful place, lay down, watch the sky and click away. Doesn't that sound terrible?  
Some of these are just planes, but a couple of them are meteors. And also... the milky way!? c'mon! It's so beautiful.