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loveLOVElove - Memorable Moments from 2017 - Weddings

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope today is full of so much love and cuddles and maybe some wine. Ok. Definitely some wine. 
Welcome to Day 2 of my new lovelovelove tradition. 3 days full of all kinds of love that is sure to melt your heart.

As I mentioned yesterday, this post has been in the works for a long time and it has not been an easy task. 2017 was a very full year of some of the biggest hearts imaginable. We covered everything from a private intimate ceremony on the shores of Georgian Bay, to a Summer Solstice wedding in the Rockies, to the count down on New Years Eve complete with noise makers and donuts. 

Thank you to each and every one of you beautiful couple's who trusted me (us) with your memories. I am so lucky to have you in my life and to witness the love and joy you have in your lives. I mean it with every fiber of my being. You are the reason I do this year after year. You make my heart swell. I love you dearly!!!

Thanks again to my second shooter, Joel Loughead. I love working with you more than you know, and you know a lot because I tell you all the gosh darn time. It's nice to be able to hug you when I'm feeling overwhelmed with love and I love the way you see things. 

Day 2 - Wedding Edition. Tissues at the ready!!!

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London England Engagement Session | Vanessa & Simon

On our very first phone call, Vanessa & Simon explained how important London, England was to them individually and as a couple. They were excited about the idea of doing their couple's session in a place that meant something to them, so when I threw the idea out there of coming to England, they were 100% in. Our session felt far less like a photo shoot and far more like hanging out with long lost friends. They showed me around their neighbourhood and pointed out spots that were important historically and personally, they took me to their favourite pub for Sunday roast, told me stories about how they met and then showed me where that happened, they took me through gardens and down secret walkways, showed me bits of England both old and new. Then to top it all off, we had a gin tasting at a local distillery. I mean, any gin fan is a friend of mine. They had me at hello, and I definitely plan on keeping these two. 
What struck me instantly about the two of them was just how much fun they have together and how much they laugh. Not just little laughs, big, full body laughs that are contagious. 

Can't wait to laugh with you again soon. 

Grassi Lakes Engagement Session | Lindsay + Bryon

Grassi Lakes Engagement Session with Lindsay & Bryon

I have always wanted to get my tush out to Alberta to explore and adventure, it's been on the list for a long time but it never really occurred to me that I would be heading out there for the first time for a Grassi Lakes Engagement session.

Turns out my couples and I have lots in common; we love spending time adventuring, jumping into waterfalls, hiking and exploring the Canadian landscape. When Lindsay & Bryon mentioned that they'd love to have an engagement session, but that they were thinking of doing it in Canmore, I'm pretty sure I jumped out of my seat with excitement. There was some serious happy dancing (Joel can attest to that). I'm still mind blown by how gorgeous the area was and how perfect the weather was for us (while all of you Ontarian's out there had snow, this was what it was like in Alberta. Sorry!)

Lindsay & Bryon are the laid back, loving, fun, adventurous types you want to be friends with. We started off the day at Phil & Sebastian's in the Simmons building, and then drove out to Grassi Lakes for a little hike, and finished our day with a cider and some grub in Canmore. They were excellent tour guides and pointed me in the right direction for basically all the things I love the most: coffee, landscapes, water, food and cider (well. all the things I love the most except Joel. He was stuck in Ontario). I love it more than anything when a shoot never really feels like a shoot; it just feels like hanging out with long lost friends and I just happen to have my camera with me.

Lindsay & Bryon have already made the trek back to Ontario for their Muskoka wedding this weekend. From the sounds of it, everything is coming together just as they'd envisioned with the help of their amazing friends and family who live out this way. Planning a wedding long distance can't be easy, but Lindsay & Bryon made it look effortless.

Joel & I will be heading out early tomorrow morning to meet them at their cottage. I'm SO excited to see you two again!!



Grey County Waterfall Engagement Session | Meg & Scott

I feel like I have been dreaming about this Grey County waterfall engagement session since I moved up here. So here's the thing... I cannot be near any body of water, especially one that moves, without desperately wanting to be in it. It's a problem. Most of the time I can keep that desire at bay, but when there's waterfalls... I mean... c'mon! So naturally when I shoot couples near any body of water I tell them that they're totally welcome to jump in if they want. One day I knew this would work. I wasn't wrong. When planning this session with Meg & Scott, they were completely open to suggestions for locations, but it had to be near water. (People after my own heart) When the idea of waterfalls came up, I jumped at the chance to scout every single waterfall in the area I could get to, and sent over a super long list of options with descriptions about the waterfall, the hike in, etc. Now you know my secret, I'm a nerd & I may have been a tad excited. 
Meg & Scott are adventurous and playful and they kept creeping closer and closer to the water. Scott had this twinkle in his eyes, so I casually mentioned that if they wanted to jump in, they were welcome to, I even had towels in my car just in case. They took a quick second to exchange glances and then they totally went for it. 
It was basically the perfect Sunday. The weather was spectacular, there were belly laughs had by all and we all ended up in the water at some point. Swoon! We started and finished at Joel's winery, Coffin Ridge, drank cider, ate cheese and olives on the patio overlooking Georgian Bay and played in waterfalls. 
More Sundays like this, please. 

Thank you so much for being so brave and adventurous with us, Meg & Scott. Watch out, we may try to get you rock climbing next, Scott. ;) 
Thank you to my second shooter and partner, Joel for being my second set of eyes, a great wine tour guide and our poison ivy spotter.

2015 revisited

My tongue is tied in knots and my heart swells thinking about all the events and people and moments and love and news that were packed into this year. Full. That's the word. Yes! Full! Oh so very full.

We started this year much like we started the last: unsure of where our feet would land, or if we'd land on our feet at all. But we sure as heck did. Transition and uncertainty do not look good on me, but I put trust in knowing that we were pointed in the right direction and that no matter what I at least had good company.

This was the year we put our roots down. Firmly. We bought a house in the heart of the valley. Our windows look up at the cliff we climb, our friends are our neighbours, and we are a stones throw from the river we paddle. Our grass feels good tucked between my toes.
We also wrapped our roots firmly around each other with a little decision. Right after sending his rock climbing project, Joel proposed on top of Old Baldy overlooking our new home and what else could I do but cry my eyes out, giggle a lot and say yes a thousand times. I now have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of wedding planning and what being engaged looks like. For me it looks like a lot of spontaneous happy tears and a lot more dancing.

I immersed myself in the photography community and became friends with some of the most creative and colourful people I have ever met. People who encouraged, taught and inspired me. People who pushed me just that extra little bit harder to take the plunge into the full time photography world. A year or two before I expected to... I'm here, and truly, madly, and completely in love. It hasn't been without it's bumps, bruises or question marks. I'm still trying to navigate the balancing act of work, life and love. But I'll get there. Fortunately, Joel has started sharing his talent with me, so I get to combine work, life and love whenever he second shoots with me. 

This year has been so incredibly lucky for meeting new people and furthering friendships through this job of mine. People who have made a profound difference on my life. Etched themselves onto my heart. Clients, photographers, vendors, guests, family; total strangers who instantely become lifelong friends. I am so overwhelmed with love for you. For trusting me. For welcoming me into your lives as part of the family. For being silly will me. For adventuring with me. For believing in me.

And yes... I'm definitely crying.
Thank you. I love you.
Here's to more growth, more friendships, more love, a great big outdoor wedding, a brand new nephew and all of the other little surprises 2016 has in store.

I had the great opportunity of working with some incredible wedding photographers this year and some of these images were shot for them.
Daring Wanderer | Wendy Shepherd Photography | Tara Lilly Photography | 1486 Photography | Kelsey Kubels - Cloud 9 Photography | Carly Mills Photography
A couple of these images were shot by Joel, because I'm proud and he's a permanent part of the team. Betcha can't guess which ones. ;)