This time last year I had no idea which way was up. There were a ton of major life decisions to make and very little time to make them. Joel and I thought long and hard about every decision, but when the time came to make the biggest one, where to live, we just kind of went with our gut. I remember bumping into a friend at the gym that night and telling her we were moving to the country and then just bursting into nervous laughter. We both did. Moving to the country!? wahhhh? I was going to make a big announcement on the business site, but I was afraid we would change our minds and end up back in the city. Well, it's time to make that decision again and we've made it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are staying in the country.
I am still available for shoots in Toronto and the GTA, but will now be available in Collingwood, Barrie, Owen Sound and the general GREY BRUCE COUNTY. Heck, I'm available to shoot wherever you want me to shoot. I love travelling.

just down the street from our house.

just down the street from our house.

To go along with this announcement I will also let you in on another big secret that I've been mulling over for a year+. A name change. No, not my personal name. Marriage is still a ways off, and I am a modern gal. A business name change.

From here on out, Foxberry Photo will be FRANCES BEATTY PHOTOGRAPHY.
Nothing else really changes. Still the same style, and services, but I feel much more confident and comfortable working under my own name, as it feels more genuine and personal.

Here's to big changes!