Tomorrow is my birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not a big birthday. Not a 19 or a 25 or a 30 or a 50 birthday. Just a regular ole birthday. There will be no big parties, probably no cake, there may even be no singing (doubtful knowing my parents) nothing big or extravagant. That's not how I roll these days. I'm dragging Joel out of bed before the sun rises. We're heading out to Georgian Bay to watch (and shoot) the sun rise over the ice. Then I'm going to play in the snow until my fingers and toes are thoroughly chilled. I'm going to revisit my 31 before 32 list (inspired by A Beautiful Mess) and write my 32 before 33 list with more realistic expectations. We will go rock climbing and eat delicious food and probably drink a beer or two (stout or porter. I like my beers dark and moody). I like low key birthdays. Winter birthdays can be the pits if you're not into chilly adventures. Luckily I am (most of the time). Thank goodness Joel is too.

This was exactly 2 years ago in the Beaver Valley. My first winter camping trip and my first ski in. I woke up a thirty year old in a tent, snuggled up in the warmest sleeping bag I will ever know, surrounded by perfect powder and boyfriend. I woke up to the loveliest words of "good morning, I love you. Happy birthday!" Ohmyheart! What a perfect little adventure.

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