Romantic sunset engagement session in the Elora Gorge

Elora has always been this magical place in my mind. We visited it many times as a family when I was a child, and the buildings and area seemed like they were straight out of a book. The kind of place you’d expect to meet someone that has a spark inside them and that you just instantly want to know and be in their presence.

It seemed the fitting backdrop for an engagement session with Adele & Andrew. The two of them have this incredible chemistry and their eyes light up when they’re around each other. They have that spark. They hardly go a minute without playing with each other’s hands or laughing.

We explored the Elora Gorge together and got our feet wet. If either of them were shy or nervous, they hid it incredibly well. We felt like old friends immediately and I was a little sad when the session ended. Please light! Don’t go away! Just a little bit longer!

Watching the way these two interact and love each other made my heart grow a size.

Cannot wait to cry at their wedding on Saturday. I would correct that to say I cannot wait to document their wedding on Saturday, and that’s true too, but oh man will there be tears! Thank goodness for auto-focus, amirite???