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Four Favourites this Friday

If you've been following me for a while now, you have probably noticed a little something I do on instagram called #fridayintroductions. It's a trend among self-employed to introduce themselves to their clients a little bit better. Tell you little bits and pieces about us so we can better connect with you.

image by  Keith Bridle

image by Keith Bridle

Well! I'm going to try something a wee bit different. Rather than just posting a list with a self-portrait on instagram, I'm going to tell you four of my current favourite things in a blog post and share a little more about them. Feel free to let me know what you think, or let me know what other favourites you'd like me to tell you about. 
You may also know by now that I don't really like picking favourites. Not really. I feel like it's unfair to everything else there, but I also really love alliterations... so hence the name. These are the things I'm currently crushing on and why.

Here we go! 


1. Kevin-
Kevin is our marital boat. She's a Swift Keewaydin 16 in sage and I love her to the moon and back. Our dream boat. Joel & I had many a conversation about what our perfect canoe would be like and I'm pretty sure this outdid my expectations. Actually, it's almost identical to what we agreed we'd want, save the colour. That was a last minute decision. Named after Kevin Costner, of course, she's taken us on a few awesome adventures already and I'm constantly day dreaming about the next one. We may have cheated on her last Sunday when we floated the Beaver River in a friend's canoe, but that's only to save her from some unnecessary bruises. 

2. Reply All-
I spend a lot of time in my car. A lot. Between meetings and shoots and awesome road trip adventures across Canada, I have managed to carve a very decent butt indent into my seat. I love listening to music, but I find podcasts are my jam these days. One of my absolute favourites is Reply All. It's smart, funny, thoughtful reporting on anything to do with the internet. It's pretty far reaching and keeps my attention episode after episode. Plus their laughs are fricking awesome. 


3. The Camp Collective-
The Camp Collective was co-founded by a great friend of mine, Tara Lilly, and a great friend of hers, Sara Rogers. Two west coast wedding photography stars who had a vision to create a summer camp type experience for photographers. Rather than your typical workshop or styled shoot, it's an opportunity to let loose, get creative, learn and meet your peers. I've been lucky enough to be along for the journey since the beginning and help put together the very first Camp in Ontario called THE GREAT LAKES CAMP.
Tara & I will be co-directing and we've been really hard at work in behind the scenes to put this together. I'm so friggin stoked to be part of this and to bring everyone to this amazing venue I found. It's going to be amazing! It will be running at the tail end of wedding season, so just in time for everyone to need a bit of a break, have some fun and to finally make time to create something unique and fun. 
If you want to be the first to know when the tickets come out, sign up for the newsletter. It doesn't look like they're going to last.


4. Yoga-
I was in Italy just over a month ago documenting a Yoga Retreat by Yoga Gym Escapes. I've always enjoyed yoga here and there, but had never really been to a class regularly. Well! I caught the bug. Now it's a regular activity for me and it's doing some wonderful things for my flexbility, my strength, my waistline but most importantly: for my mood. 2018 has been a rough one and having an outlet that ticks all those physical and mental health boxes is essential. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in yoga with this wonderful group of ladies (+ Tayo). It was a total game changer. 
If you have the opportunity to go on one of the retreats, you should. Kirsten is amazing!!! Kenya is next. Make me green with jealousy and go!!!

Niagara Escarpment Engagement Session | Sharon & Peter

Niagara Escarpment Engagement Session 

I live underneath a giant cliff, which makes it pretty easy to adventure, hike, climb, ooh and ahh and arrange Niagara Escarpment Engagement sessions. Normally the oohing and ahhing happens when no one is around to take photos of, which can be incredibly frustrating! Luckily, Sharon & Peter were up for a drive to my neck of the woods for an adventure in the Pottawatomi Conservation Area. We hiked, laughed, told stories and explored the conservation area. These two cuddled up in a small boulder field and tip toed on rocks at the top of the cliff.

Sharon & Peter are compassionate, loving and affectionate and massive baseball fans. Luckily they are also super playful and joke about the fact that they cheer for different teams. Sharon, being from LA, is a Dodgers fan, and Peter, being a Toronto native, obviously loves the Jays. (Not that I'm playing favourites, but I'm with Peter here) Sharon just finished moving from LA to Toronto to start her new life with Peter once they're married. Maybe that means the Jays have a chance at winning her heart? They definitely stole mine with stories of how they met, how they worked through a long distance relationship, humouring me by laughing at my horrible dad jokes, trusting my crazy ideas and learning Peter is working on teaching his students what good hip hop is. We certainly bonded over the fact that I took a History of Hip Hop course in University. Thank you, OCADU. I'm pretty sure we are hip hop buddies for life.

Sharon & Peter are getting married this Saturday in a gorgeous church in Toronto surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends. Joel & I couldn't be more thrilled to be joining them as part of their small intimate group.